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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wasted days and wasted nights

My kids have been packed up and shipped off to my parents for a few days. They will then be transported to my mother-in-law for a few more. Yup, even homeschoolers get a spring break. Even homeschoolers with a pretty lax schedule get a break.

So what, you wonder, have I done with all my delicious spare time?

-- Rode over to aforementioned hellhole property with husband so he could view it in broad daylight

-- Changed my mind about future living arrangements after discussion last night with husband

-- Read archives on a bunch of blogs while flat out on the couch, laptop atop my belly

-- Ran over to the county building department to obtain a list of code violations on the property and check zoning and future land use

-- Took advantage of my location in town to buy a gigantic iced coffee before returning home

-- Sprawled back on the couch, read the rest of the archives

-- Fake-cleaned the house

And here I am, trying to post something before my husband comes home and thinks I've been on the damned computer all day.


Tomorrow night is Girls Night Out. I finally clicked with two of the mothers at swim class and we are heading out for a night on the town. I haven't done that in, hmmmmm, let's see, uh, never. I've always preferred my nights out with The Boys, as they're generally less bitchy and always pay more attention to me. Why, I used to mock women who made such plans and here I am, turning into one of 'em. What next? A Red Hat?


Things that have disgusted me in the past 24 hours:

Sesame Street's new season has Cookie Monster learning about healthy food in an effort to combat childhood obesity.

Seeing a snippet of CNN last night during dinner out with husband, with everyone camped out to see Jesse Jackson visit Terri Schiavo and hearing a report that she is "still urinating."

Hearing that the Pope is receiving nutrition through a nasal tube.

First of all, don't mess with Cookie Monster. I was pissed when McDonald's made the Hamburglar a happy, funny guy instead of the evil French fry thief he was, and when they revamped the formerly cute goalpost-leaping Miami Dolphin mascot giving him a mean eye (coincidentally the same time they threw Don Shula and company out), I was furious. And as for the other two, enough with the details already. How about a little respect for their privacy? They're sick, they're going to die. Back off, all of you.


Tonight I am beginning season two of The Sopranos. Okay, so now I'm hooked. The writing is fabulous. The characters are very believable. I am simultaneously attracted to and repelled by, sympathetic to and disgusted by Tony Soprano. And I'm going to get my husband hooked too.

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