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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Not golf

Yesterday was a two eagle day. We spotted the first one circling over the mainland post office while checking our box and suspect it was one of "our" eagles, the ones whose nest neighbors us out on the island, a very short distance by air from that postal facility. The second was circling over our neighborhood when we arrived back at the Punta Gorda house. The state is considering removing the American Bald Eagles's special protection status in order to accommodate developers. This would be a terrible mistake. Their protected status has finally enabled them to come back in sufficient numbers that seeing one is not the once-in-a-lifetime occasion it was up until just recently.

After dropping L off at preschool one very foggy winter morning, we caught a ghostly glimpse of a large bird, who by the flapping of its wings appeared to be an eagle. We drove through the development hoping to see it fly by again. After failing to locate it, we headed back out to the main road and were stunned to see this magnificent bird sitting on the front lawn of the last house. We pulled over, less than thirty feet away. We watched him and he watched us for about ten minutes before he found something more pressing to do.

Did you know eagles wear little fluffy pants?

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