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Monday, April 11, 2005

Testing 2

Paying Bob Jones was so difficult for me to come to grips with that my mind chose to push it aside. Not until the last minute did I realize that they don't take our credit card, the one that the Visa Corporation likes to remind me is so inferior to its own, you know, the one that's not everywhere you want to be, and I would have to mail a check. Today was the deadline though, so my mom bailed me out. Unfortunately now that she knows we're testing, and since she was there to lend her financial support, even though my reimbursement check is in the mail, she will feel entitled to know the results.

Why Bob Jones for the IOWA test you wonder? I believe they are the actual publishers, and plus, the woman performing the testing for our homeschool group is one of their Pre-Ordained Master Certified Official Grand Poobah Test Administrators, or something. There are other tests that would measure basic skills, but I would probably have to administer them myself. G flips out when I time her Saxon pre-lesson drills. Could I handle a full blown test tantrum? I think not. It would also be hard to resist requests for, "just a little hint, please Mom?!" Somehow I think she'll be more likely to stay in her seat and refrain from thrashing around on the floor for the official proctor.

The state of Florida will accept any nationally recognized standardized test for an annual review in lieu of a portfolio review, but I'm not testing to fulfill my annual requirements, that would imply I was a registered homeschooler to begin with. I'm an Australian resident, mate. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more! Until that runs out I'll continue to enjoy my un-official status. This testing effort is only to satisfy my curiosity, and now, my mother's.

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