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Friday, June 17, 2005


That word has been flying around inside my head for the past several days and has once or twice even exited in some form or another.

The idea of packing up and heading out is still on the back burner, and unfortunately will continue to simmer in the back of our minds until June of 2006 when our Australian residencies expire. As late as yesterday, Jorge mentioned parking a shipping container under our rented stilt house in conjunction with the termination of our lease and preparing for a transoceanic move.

He swears it's purely coincidence, but he's currently reading Oryx and Crake, a book I finished and left on the tank for his morning read, and one that hopefully will not take him too long as I'd like to read all over again.

It is a rare story, and characteristic of my favorites, that can simultaneously horrify, terrify, and amuse me. The last time was eight years ago watching Roberto Benigni's La Vita e Bella (Life Is Beautiful). They're few and far between, but definitely worth the wait.

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