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Saturday, June 18, 2005

"I call the hammock!"

We're getting a really late start -- it was supposed to be yesterday afternoon -- but eventually we'll soon be heading out to the island for the remainder of the weekend.

Jorge was tied up at work yesterday and didn't arrive back here 'til well past the hour I wanted to go drag everyone out in the dark, on a boat, to a house where every bed had been stripped and was awaiting clean linens.

Waiting for him to arrive I took advantage of an invite to dinner with a couple friends and later for a nightcap, or two, at one of the friends house. Boy, did I pay for it this morning. But my dear, sweet husband let me sleep late and ran out and bought me some more club soda, my beverage of choice, and my sole beverage for a long time to come, and never once tsk tsked my naughty behavior, and managed our three plus another friend's son who is spending the weekend with us.

It's Kid Central here. The weekend neighbor boys, Andy and Dandy, are here with their Star Wars Monopoly game. It's funny that my girls' best friends are all boys. How long will that last, I wonder.

Jorge received two interesting birthday gifts from Gracie and Elle. The first was a combination pencil/business card holder made from a tower of Q-Tips. Handy and practical. The second was a mixed media work, created presumably in the wee hours while we all slept, or while most of us slept and one other was nearly unconscious, of pen, pencil, colored 3-D glue, and a five dollar bill cut into pieces, reassembled, and embellished. Somewhere between a Matisse collage and a Warhol. Everyone has been asking each other all morning, "Did you see Elle's present?!"

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