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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I spent the better part of this afternoon snapping headshots of myself. Hundreds of them. Good thing I have a digital camera. This, after spending, or throwing away, $5.88 for the Walmart Photo Studio's special of the month. Now I have about thirty-five copies of a mediocre picture of me due to arrive in the mail one of these days.

It is unfortunate that the company I've gone to work for wants my photo on my business card. Ever since fourth grade when a ricocheting softball, and years later an angry (ex)husband shattered my nose and rearranged my face, gravity has been doing unkind things to my once fairly symmetrical appearance.

One friend can read my mood merely by observing the slant of my sunglasses.

That's why you haven't seen any shots of yours truly here. The last posed photo I had that turned out well, in my opinion, was surprisingly enough on my previous drivers' license. I looked hot. Need to see some I.D.? No problem! Too bad I noticed the sign at the DMV stating that renewals could be done online after I had handed it in and taken a new photo.

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