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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Busy Day

We waited for a change in the track. We thought it might break apart after hitting the Yucatan. Denial? Wishful thinking. We spent yesterday boxing up books, fifteen banana boxes worth -- and we still have a few more to go -- instead of making storm preparations.

This morning we are riding out to the island to board up windows, stopping by our new house (we closed Friday in spite of some eleventh hour complications) to take some insurance photos, just in case, and returning home to throw the panels up over the windows, or at the bare minimum the sliding glass door, here at the Punta Gorda house.

Wilma looks to be heading toward Marco Island. It's only a Category 2, and being north of the storm will spare us the worst winds and storm surge, but you never know. Charley was supposed to hit Tampa and was only a 2 right up until it made a quick, unexpected right turn into Charlotte Harbor.

On the bright side, the steering current for Wilma is a cold front. So when we're out picking up debris in the yard and the power is out, at least it will be cool.

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