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Friday, October 21, 2005


We are looking forward to a nice long family weekend. School had been called off for today last Wednesday, before Wilma slowed down to a crawl delaying her arrival until maybe Monday. My plans were to stretch out on the couch and catch up on my reading, and get back into a read-aloud with the girls, not spending my family's time on the computer.

But I have been assigned a research project:

Find and arrange airfare and travel plans for the five of us plus my mother-in-law over the Christmas-New Year time period. Destination: CHINA!

A tenant of my MIL's recently returned from a trip to Shanghai marveling how the Chinese are light years ahead of us. Shanghai is a city with over 20 million people, brand new superhighways, thousands of brand new skyscrapers, all sparkling clean. He believes China will easily be the new world power. My MIL said that if anyone is going to beat the U.S., she wants to see it with her own eyes. We have been invited to accompany her on this great adventure.

Let's go meet the conquerors!

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