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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blog Less, Work More

Strike that, reverse it.

If I made resolutions based purely on the start of a new calendrical period, those might be on my list. But I don't, they're not, and good thing too, because I'd be failing miserably.

Tomorrow begins another dread day organizing uniforms (where do all the socks go?), packing lunches, packing separate snacks, and scrounging up something appropriate to wear to an office where even though every day is Casual Friday, sweats and socks, my present attire, might be considered a tad too informal. And smelly.

I don't want my job anymore. Is it getting up every morning knowing I'm wasting my time? Is it just getting up every morning? Is it knowing I'm wasting Sarabelle's time? Is it the time being taken from away from reading or creative pursuits? Is it the exhaustion I feel along with the visible lack of progress? Maybe it's a little of all of those. Plus, working on eight figure deals is interesting, but when you're only making a paltry hourly figure it's discouraging. And the insurance never materialized. But I'm in for the season, I committed myself, I won't leave anybody high and dry. I'll tell you what: Single, working mothers blow me away. How do they do it day in and day out?

As for the blogging, well, I'm working on it...

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