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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Being a news journalist would drive me absolutely batty with stories changing as more information comes in...

First, my nephew:

He was readmitted to the hospital Sunday when his fever climbed to 104.4 and he began vomiting. Is it E.coli? Harmless Shigella? Who knows? He is definitely one sick little peanut, but I suspect there is an element of drama to all this that my family seems to thrive on, sick as that may be. When I was told that there was a Rotavirus! going around my brother's neighborhood I began to wonder. Rotavirus being a fancy, exotic, dangerous term for good old fashioned diarrhea.

The ospreys were doing a little house cleaning yesterday and pitched out the blue fabric we noticed decorating their nest. So that's where Elle's Mote Marine tee-shirt disappeared to. Goo Gone, Shout, Oxyclean, forget it, this was way beyond cleaning. And this morning as we loaded up the car for school, what do we see? Two baby osprey up in the nest with one of the parents! Now the mystery is, whose leg did they find?

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