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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Compromising My Credibility


After my last post, I figured I'd better do something to redeem myself in the eyes of my readers, therefore I've signed up for The Great Conversation Secular Yahoo group. The plan is to read and discuss a major portion of the Western Canon, something I've been meaning to do for some time now, over the course of about seven and one-half years. Being the geek that I am, I had several of the texts already downloaded on my computer, and a good thing too, because locating these books new or used around here has not been easy or affordable. I've got my notebook handy and I'm raring to go.

First up for the month of April: Plato's Apology, Crito, and Republic (Book I-II); Aristophanes's Clouds and Lysistrata; and Aristotle's Ethics (Book I).

See? I'm not just a zit picker, I'm a serious scholar.

(Thanks to Becky for tipping me off to the Yahoo Group and for walking me through the photo link!)


Stephanie not in TX said...

Link, please?

L said...

Stephanie, I added the link above as well as down here:

The Great Conversation Secular

Becky said...

Hey, it worked!

Who needs the Great Books when you're a Luddite explaining computer matters?!

KathyJo said...

I'm still (half-assed) reading Plutarch. I'm trying to decide whether I should a) remain uneducated or b) just skip Plutarch for now.