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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Glory, glory hallelujah

My Witness friend is saddened by the fact that her staunchly Catholic parents will not accept her Jehovah as the one true god. They refuse to believe in the government of Jehovah led by the 144,000 anointed ones that will rule here on earth when paradise is restored. She can’t save them, they have to come into the truth themselves and be saved.

After reading Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire we can agree on the signs that she excitedly believes hail the Great Tribulation, and what I believe is simply a coming dark age: A government empty of content hiding behind slogans, nationalistic pride, imperialist wars; a culture empty of virtue costumed in bread and circus; an empty-headed populace obsessed with filling their empty lives with material possessions; and empty, false religions.

Unlike my friend, I don’t believe I’ll live to see her fairytale happy ending. Though we both believe hard times are coming, it is ironically her conviction I find most frightening. When religion and superstition top science, when new-ageism and fundamentalism and rapture enthusiasts and self-described saviors and flaky sects step in to fill the void for meaning in these empty times, the lights aren’t just being dimmed on civilization, the switches are being flipped, the bulbs smashed, and the powerlines cut.

I too am saddened. My staunchly American family will not accept their culture and country is in decline. I can’t save them, they have to come into the truth and save themselves.

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Starfairie said...

I am currently living in South Florida and considering homeschooling my daughter (she's only two at the moment)due to my complete dissatisfaction with the school system here and pretty much everywhere else as well. I don't remember being particularly impressed with any of the schools I attended and don't wish to subject my daughter to more of the same. Anyway, I really like your blog; it's refreshing to read a blog that is both interesting and intelligent! I actually hope at some point to be living someplace other than So Flo, and agree that our civilization here is, sadly, in decline. I believe that can be changed, but only if a majority realize this fact and decide to do something about it.