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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ancient History

Saturday night, after Sarabelle's performance, with the two youngers off sleeping at a friend's house and a chance to sleep in Sunday morning, I enjoyed a late night movie marathon of some finally-released-in-Australia DVDs.

First up was Borat, one of the most outrageously funny movies I've ever seen. It seems modern comedy has kept close to its classical roots. That impression perhaps inspired by my recent rereading of Aristophanes, or maybe the naked wrestling men.

Then I watched Apocalypto. Ancient Mayan civilization is high on my list of interests and so I had a difficult time suspending disbelief long enough to get past all the incongruities. In addition, throughout the entire movie -- which was basically run through the jungle, kill, kill, kill, run some more, kill some more, freaky child prophetess, eclipse, run, kill, run, kill, keep running, rescue family, see Spanish arrive, head back to jungle -- I was distracted by the thought that except for one cast member, none of the rest of the cast and extras looked particularly Mayan.

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