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Monday, September 03, 2007

Quality Not Quantity

Grice is holding firm in her resolve to avoid the tasteless carrot dangled in front of her as part of the school's Read-a-thon. Points are awarded for each book a student reads. Grade sevens are encouraged to read novels. The 'novels' that have been provided for them in class, Grice told me in a disgusted tone, are about half an inch thick and contain two stories with very big type. Some kids have read 10 already. Ten probably being the minimum required for a prize.

Voracious reader Grice, though she will rack up only two points and forego an award, has decided to stay the course having finished The Good Earth and is presently enjoying The Golden Compass.

That's the sweetest reward of all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi-dee-ho "L"! Hey, why shouldn't she get a prize, too? Check with the teacher...sometimes if a novel has more pages than asked for, they count as "multiple novels". Why not??? And call me!!!! Carolyn