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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Making More Memories

We opened presents at Jorge's mom's place Christmas morning. We enjoyed Uncle B's annual open house, complete with lox and bagels, visiting with his ever-expanding family and seeing old friends. We met my unaccompanied nieces at the airport and whisked them away to my parents' where they and my other brother and his family waited with a big dinner and loads more presents.

The car emptied quickly in all the excitement and I was left unloading bags: ours, theirs, presents... As I finished, Bee met me in the driveway and handed me the telephone. Her mom had called to wish us a merry Christmas and then Jorge, who had been dropped off after the airport run to pick up an extra vehicle, phoned to say he was going to be a few more minutes and not to delay dinner on his account.

I arrived back inside the house to find that was no trouble at all.

The five junior girls had been seated at a poolside table set for five, the three littlest cousins had a small table set for three, and the adult table, meant, presumably, to accommodate six of us, my mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, Jorge, and me, had been set for four. Everybody was already having seconds.

Next year: "Thanks, but no thanks."

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