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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Finally, A Happy New Year

I've easily put on at least ten pounds in the past two weeks, cramming food down my gullet in a sometimes successful attempt to suppress all those dark holiday-inspired thoughts and feelings and not say something regrettable to any number of people.

But now? Bliss.

I am back in my own house, on the coast opposite to one with all the conflicts and ugliness, sleeping comfortably and peacefully in my own bed, surrounded by shelves and shelves of my beloved books, and hooked to the internet with a high speed, wireless connection. I have been busily ordering more books in anticipation of my return trip to Australia and the resuming of our home education efforts (although I have not heard any word yet from the Queensland's powers-that-be as to whether or not we have been officially approved to continue...) What more could anyone want? Oh, yeah, three-fourths of my charges are sleeping over a friend's house tonight.

Fat and happy I am. Cheers!


Bayberry Roost said...

Cheers! Happy New Year. I have 2 Coronitas and 5 Land Sharks in the fridge waiting for you.

Bon fire some night?

Becky said...

Happy New Year, L! Enjoy the time at home :)