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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And So On

Sarabelle has finally begun her first class, English IV, through the Florida Virtual School. We're still waiting for placement in the Algebra II and United States History. She's planning to visit Australia over the summer and the online courses will accommodate that schedule. This would leave her with only one half credit each in American government and economics to fulfill her Florida graduation requirements. She's got more than the twenty-four credits necessary, quite a few more in fact, just not in the right places. We're hoping to get her a late entry into the 4-H Legislature as one of the kids involved has had to drop out. If she gets in, I'm counting that as her American government requirement. It may not be equivalent hour per hour, but the quality blows the quantity away. The economics she can either take online or at home using the Teaching Company course I have. Let's see, SATs are out of the way... Nearly done! She is interested in art school and I am hoping she heeds the advice of Uncle Mike, a tremendously talented and successful commercial artist who wishes he had completed his associates degree along with his art and technical training.

Grice is getting a big fat vacation, at least until August 10, when she begins her new collegiate high school program.

And Elle, she's plugging away. We're trying to decide what to do to get her out of the house -- to get me out of the house -- Kayak camp? YMCA gymnastics? Ballet? Riding Lessons?

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