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Monday, May 04, 2009

Back. Sort of.

The wedding and associated trip was a success*, although I think next time I ask the universe for something I'll be more specific. The girls had been fighting their second round of respiratory illness prior to our departure and I had been repeating to myself "Don't get sick for the wedding, don't get sick for the wedding," when I should have left the qualifying prepositional phrase off entirely. The day after the wedding, Easter Sunday, I finally succumbed. Good thing the Mexican Swine Flu (sorry, H1N1 lacks color and drama; it'll always be "swine flu" to me) scare hadn't begun yet because I would have definitely been yanked off the plane and locked up in quarantine somewhere. As it is now, it wouldn't surprise me if I actually had it, but I'm not going for any blood tests. I prefer good ol' self-imposed social distancing.

*In spite of the freezing temps, six cancelled flights, lost luggage, and unexpected overnight in Atlanta on the return leg at a hotel that could have been a text book study for a CSI.

The girls had one of those Best Day of My Life (TM) experiences when we went into New York City for the day to see Phantom. Not only was I able to get a couple of last-minute extra tickets for my nieces so they could join us instead of having to be sent back in a cab to their dad's office, and use some credit card points so it was essentially free, it actually snowed while we were in Times Square, something my girls had been fervently hoping for, but something nobody ever thought would occur. It was magical, though my initial reaction to the spectacle was that someone was spitting or throwing confetti out a window (our own tickertape parade!) The locals were not amused by the weather nor the simple southern children twirling around like Mary Richards in Minneapolis, throwing hats in the air and taking pictures of themselves on their cellphones. And the show? The best thing they had ever seen. Ever. Lunch was not my much anticipated trip to Zabar's, maybe next time, but heaps of appetizers at the Hard Rock Cafe. Way more fun with five very excited girls.

For now I'm just kicking back, drinking lots of juice and hot tea, getting a little schoolwork done, and hoping I don't become a CDC statistic.

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