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Friday, July 24, 2009


I have loads of books, I'm sure you do too. I have so many that after unpacking the boxes that finally arrived from Australia, putting two old cabinets to work housing special collections, moving cookbooks to the kitchen, loaning some to friends, giving some to friends, sorting all the remaining books and selling four cartons full at a local used curricula fair with two big piles left over for donations and online sales, I still don't have enough room to get them all onto my main bookcases. And if you're like me, even though you may be found dead in your house buried under fallen stacks of reading materials one day, you remember every single book, where it came from, who recommended it, where you were when you read it, who's borrowed it, who still has it, where it went when you finished it... So when a strange book turns up on your shelf, one on an odd subject, that you are sure you never ordered and have no recollection of anyone loaning or giving to you, that you are almost certain your housesitter didn't leave behind, one you have just plain never heard of at all, it's a little creepy.

Especially now, when I'm actually intrigued by it, imagining some Stephen King-like quality about it, and go to find it to post a link to it, with 22/25ths of my main shelves vacuumed and completely reorganized (I've been living on iced coffee these past weeks) and the remaining books lined up ready to be replaced, and it's gone. Vanished.


Meg_L said...

bah, you must have dreamed the entire thing.

1. We have more bookcases in this house than anywhere we've ever lived. One room has an entire wall of built in shelves.

2. Before we left for a year in NM (4 or 5 years ago)we donated over 400 books to the local library.

3. When we got back, we donated some more.

and we still have piles of books on the floor.

and we still have books that are on shelves, but stacked sideways, or double layered, so you can just stand there and read the spines.

Anonymous said...

ok, I just gotta ask...what was the title?---carolyn

Maureen said...

I was wondering the same thing....