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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Minute

It's not so hard to get back on the blogging wagon. Posting everyday is fairly easy provided you do not have children bickering over who gets to do what, when, and for how long.

Tonight, as I am running out of time after the kids spent all evening finishing their work, I will take the simple way out and post some more renovation pictures:

Here is the master bedroom. The wood floor under the carpet was a nice surprise; it's in good shape and the smelly carpet is gone. Jorge decided to rip out this newer drywall ceiling even though it appeared to be in good shape and we really didn't gain much additional height. After seeing the other "improvements" made to the house around this same time, he did not trust any of the work that was done. Sure enough, you can see the last of the 2x4 joists in the ceiling, all were incorrectly installed.

There was no happy surprise under the carpet in the front bedroom. This was where the painters sprayed the louvered doors for the closets. Yup, right on the bare floor. Fortunately the floor has a good coat of varnish on it and the white flat latex paint that now covers it should come up pretty easily. Good thing we decided to take out the dropped ceiling in this room: covered up underneath the panels were old light fixtures and bulbs, still connected to the switches and still operational.

So what do you do when you need to get out of your old house quickly (because you may have a renter who could become a buyer) but your new house is nowhere near ready? Did I hear someone say, "Buy the house next door"? No? Because that would be insane, right? But that's exactly what we plan to do. The seller, the same one we are dealing with on the current project house, wanted to make us a deal on the way toward eliminating their Florida properties. I didn't seriously think it would work out, but they are making it easy. And that one is ready for immediate occupancy. Since the potential renter/possible buyer of our Green House would want the place furnished, I only have to pack up our personal effects. We will be back to living like we did in Australia, camping out on swags with bare bones housewares.

In the midst of all that chaos, here is my one quiet corner. That's all I really need.


Meg_L said...

Here I am being very nervous about us looking at two houses with mortgages, and you go and make it look easy.

Can I borrow your husband for a month of "fix-it" stuff?

Carolyn said...

Hey! Just to let you be aware, I'm pretty sure that white cabinet door under the kitchen window belongs on the open cabinet above the refrigerator. That'll be $150.