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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Double Trouble

Here's the "twin" house...

...more of a fraternal than identical. It too was built by the railroad company in the late 20s or early 30s. The layout is similar in the main rooms though it lacks the rear addition of the other house and the details are a bit different (like the arched window over the front door and the landscaping, for starters.)

The interior of the porch is being painted the lighter color you see below and should be done by Saturday. The interior windows into the house have been removed and replaced with operational, louvered shutters making the porch part of the air-conditioned living space. The exterior window bottoms of this house have a little higher elevation and make it a bit more private.

The interior ceilings are not original, but are high enough and in good shape. This house also has a fireplace, on which the painter, in addition to putting a fresh coat of hideous minty green on the walls, decided to pick out the "I" shaped recess in the brick in dark blue. But I can worry about correcting that later. Much later.

No bookshelves, but another window seat (these windows are not original, but later awning-style replacements) in the dining room and another curious pass-through...

...into the kitchen. The kitchen is small, divided into separate cooking and eat-in areas, but has all new appliances, cabinets, and counter-tops. Plus an eye-popping palette.

Outside off the kitchen is a nice covered area with a grill, firepit, birdbath, another patio area in brick, decent landscaping, and a shed. I'll bet if I look in the shed it's probably full of tools, and if I'm lucky, a weedeater for that little bit of lawn that'll need trimming.

In the last photo can you see the ivy creeping over the brick patio? And the strangler vine climbing the palm? I have been hacking this stuff out of the other yard for days. It's horribly invasive.

It's neat and clean (except for the odd junk belonging to the painter) and ready for immediate occupancy. We should be in by Sunday.


Meg_L said...

So which house do you like better (as they will be when you are finished)?

carolyn said...

Hey! Just to let you be aware, I'm pretty sure that white cabinet door under the kitchen window belongs on the open cabinet above the refrigerator. That'll be $150.

Maureen said...

So I have a question...
Is one house going to be your residence and the other a guest house (hint hint)? I imagine being in the historic district would be a good tourist area.
THe D Family Guest House = make your reservations now.

I love old houses and love seeing the renovations - keep posting. You are lucky to have a built-in contractor. My house could sure use one!