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Monday, November 02, 2009

No Diving

I'm ashamed to admit that I've considered letting my membership in a particular organization lapse, not just because the purportedly inclusive group has taken a particularly right-wing fundie turn, or that members repeat inane rumors without exercising the tiniest shred of critical thinking or skepticism, or that they send intolerant inflammatory emails to me, though those are certainly huge and valid reasons, but also, and mostly, because of the group members' aesthetics -- specifically, the lack thereof.

Yes. I am shallow.

And I'm no genius or such a looker myself, but at least I have a basic knowledge of grammar and all my teeth. I visibly cringed at our last meeting, held in a public place, when a member spoke before the group stating their dislike for some perceived liberal secret agenda ("We ain't supporting nuthin' like that!) I wanted desperately to explain to the two young moms sitting at the next picnic table with raised eyebrows that not all homeschoolers are wacko religious hillbillies, or at least let them know I'm not, but there was no polite way to distance myself from the ugly ignorance other than hoping they caught my extreme eye-rolling.

I thought I would stay on to help any new families negotiate the legalities and challenges of homeschooling -- I certainly don't have much to offer the current bunch -- but any potential members may attend one meeting and run screaming in the opposite direction.

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Jana said...

Were you in the group I left a few months back. I now practice my eye rolling consistantly, just incase !