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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another Day, Another...whatever...

Elle did an internship with her father today -- that's what I'm calling it -- so I had nearly the entire day to sit at the computer and try to puzzle out the typographic problems I'm fighting on my private school website. Mostly it comes down to I am an HTML retard, and before you go getting your politically correct self in a dither, I mean that in the most tardo, tardere kind of way. Thanks, for the suggestions, Becky! My eyes are tired and I'm still only able to poke at the keyboard with four-fifths of my digits (not only are the open wounds still sore, I nearly severed a finger cutting right across the top of one of the former blisters yesterday while making dinner.) Coincidentally, four-fifths of our family will be eating left-overs tonight.

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