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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


One of today's lessons involved measuring volume, like, How many boxes can fit on the back seat of Mom's Excursion? The answer: Not Very Many. Note I did not say in the back of Mom's vehicle, the addition of which would have made the answer: Almost Enough to be Worthy of the Drive, because the Way Back is already packed to the roof with non-household-relocating items. We schlepped a few measly cartons down to the new house, boxes that have been packed and have not seen the light of day since we planned to leave for Australia the first time, about eight years ago. Until we remove and replace the ancient, asbestosis-inducing, dropped ceiling panels, we can't really move much more in, though I plan to bring our swags and a couple towels over and camp out if Jorge drags his feet. Add a coffee maker and we're all set.

Another lesson covered identifying artists by their painting techniques, as in, Who in the world would paint double-hung windows closed rendering them inoperative and unable to capture the harbor breeze?

We broke up the schoolwork with a little fun, an olfactory treasure hunt, as we sought out the numerous chemical air-fresheners hidden throughout the house. And then we worked on a word problem: If Mom drives 45 mph for 10 miles and 55 mph for the remaining 17 miles and makes every green light, will she reach the other side of town in 45 minutes to get her daughter to her dance class on time? The answer: No, especially when she forgets class starts at 4:00, not 4:30 PM.


Meg_L said...

I so don't need to hear your tales of moving while I'm looking at that as my next project.

(Actually local moves are the WORST thing IMO.)

Suburban Correspondent said...

They're painted shut so the ghosts don't mess with them?

And a dropped ceiling? Yikes. Dead bodies up there...

Sorry - I just can't let go of this. Nice to meet you, by the way. I'm another homeschooler.

L said...

Ah, and the trap door in the floor of the master closet, and the 25 air fresheners, it's all beginning to make sense... XD

I didn't even mention the front door key quit working, just like that, the bolt wouldn't slide when we tried to lock up and leave. I thought it was me being a nervous spaz after the strange events but my husband couldn't get it either.

Nice to meet you too! And Meg, maybe local moves aren't THE worst thing... : )