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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Before and After

The wall color in the living room is more of a brownish tan rather than the peachy shade it appears. We've got plenty of artwork to cover it up anyway. If you look out the windows in this and the next set you can see some of the landscaping we uncovered. The yard initially looked lush and foresty but was really just terribly overgrown with vines.

You can really see the difference removing the drop ceiling made in the dining room (above.)

Besides the ceiling and electrical work, the kitchen got a fresh coat of paint on everything and new oak flooring. We lucked out with the floor, originally intending to cover up the old vinyl with some newer vinyl until Jorge's floor guy stumbled upon a close out at Home Depot. It's a pretty close match and cost less than vinyl.

These are taken from opposite ends of the kitchen, but you can see we ripped out the upper cabinets, took the gross tile off and removed the pieced together counter top. We're going to put open shelves and a microwave above the range and hang a dish rack on the wall to the right of the sink. The single bowl sink is being replaced with a double and the counter top will be replaced with stainless steel. Still have to get all the drawer pulls...

The bathroom is nothing fancy but the ceiling has been repaired and replaced and it's clean and neat.

This was the one alteration we made to the floor plan. On the office side (with the white tile floor) we took out a closet so small you could not hang anything in it and close the door, and then cut a doorway through to the back side of the master bath's closet so that we can access the bath from the office as well. The doorway still needs to be trimmed out, the door installed, and the remaining closet space rebuilt.


Meg_L said...

LOVE it!! I wish I didn't have to hire someone for our work..

L said...

It'll cost you, but it'll probably get done a lot quicker. Ours is costing us AND most likely will not be completely finished until we decide to move again someday. Good luck with your renovation, Meg!

Donna Boucher said...

I love seeing what you have done.
What a wonderful difference.
Drop ceilings and dark woodwork...what were they thinking?

Is that the ocean I see out the window?

L said...

No, I think what you see is a shadow in the backyard, but we are about three blocks from the harbor (facing the front, no view.) Oddly, most of our breeze comes from the dry backyard side.