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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Good News, Bad News

It seems like this new project of my brother's has the possibility, dare I even say it, of being not just successful, but huge. Huge as in his business cards are not even back from the printer, the website has only been up about two weeks, and he already has one very big client signed, the phone ringing off the hook with others eager to sign as soon as possible, and interest from another potential client talking about a contract worth eight figures. He is the Golden Boy after all, and this opportunity, a fluke, an afterthought really, that fell into his lap and was brushed away as a distraction to his first big project until it came back and jumped into his lap again a couple years later, may quickly supplant his first big project as the real money-maker.

I am heading over to Fort Lauderdale later this morning to be with my parents when they get my father's test results back. It's less a case of "What?" than it is of "How long?"

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Meg_L said...

((Hug)) I'll hope for a long time then.