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Monday, January 12, 2004


Statistically, this could be a mid-life crisis.

After perusing several posts over on TWTM board, I've been tossing and turning, trying to figure out why I educate my children the way I do. Do we need to teach anything beyond, say, The Golden Rule, and "To thine own self be true"?

What is the point of all this learning? You can't take it with you. Sure, you can pass it on, but for what purpose? Open your mind to all these great thoughts and do what with them? Save the world?

Would a life devoid of the contemplation of art, literature, history or philosophy be less valid, or valuable?

Financial gain is selfish, vain and shallow. Elevating yourself from the masses is elitist. Knowledge for its own sake is pretentious and self-aggrandizing. So, what then?

Maybe the only thing my children will take from this, will be what I have found so far... Questions.

Archaeology of Criticism doesn't answer these questions exactly, but more eloquently states many of my concerns. More food for thought...(sigh)

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